Over 80 Years of Skill and Experience Building Cedar Log Homes.

For over three-quarters of a century, L.C. Andrew has been specializing in Maine Cedar Log Homes. Through these years, we have kept several objectives in mind - in our designs and in our product - high energy-efficiency, low maintenance, and flexibility in design.

Available prefabricated or as materials, our standard package includes all necessary materials to construct a structurally complete weather tight shell. You will receive building instructions, construction manual and blueprints; all framing and trim lumber, cedar logs, Andersen Permashield High Performance insulated windows, insulated doors, roof sheathing, shingles, sub-flooring.

Our first log home has weathered more than 80 winters here in Maine, and stands ready to confront a good many more. We use only Northern White Cedar, proven to be the warmest wood. You don't usually need to treat or paint it because Northern White Cedar is naturally insect and weather-resistant.

We have a wide selection of standard designs, from traditional log cabins to contemporary passive solar. Get the best of both worlds - the low maintenance of cedar log homes and the interior flexibility of a conventional home.

If you would like to plan your own home, our Custom Design service is ready to help. This service is free when you purchase your log home from us.

Over 80 years of manufacturing log homes (and thousands of satisfied customers) assure you that our Maine Cedar Log Home is the best investment you can make.

At Maine Cedar Log Homes, we make it easy!!